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  • Divine Healing CBD

    One of a kind, hand crafted products that use the best of nature's medicine

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Do you need a fast and effective CBD topical? Our nationally renowned Miracle line is what you're looking for! We offer a cream for small areas, massage oil for larger areas, and a bath soak for full body coverage. Shop for the topical that best fits your needs.


We have a formula for any need! Whether you take you CBD supplements in the morning, at night, or its for your fur babies we have a product designated for your needs. Just want CBD without all of the extras? We have a pure CBD and oil product as well!

Beauty and Skin Care

Serums, face creams, and bath fizzies; oh my! We have an expanding collection of beauty products that have a luxurious feel, and are designed to make you look and feel you best.

Evolving the Way of Wellness

Since 2016 we have been creating all-natural products with one of a kind formulas that have been proven to be both effective and desirable by customers across the country. Our products use carefully selected cannabimimetic ingredients that compliment CBD to create an endogenous effect without any THC. This makes our products consistent, effective, and safe for everyone to use.  

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Ingredient Synergy Remains Our Point of Focus

We make it our goal to bring to you the absolute best of what nature’s medicine has to offer. Every formula is thoughtfully crafted with each ingredient being picked for its cannabimimetic compounds and proven uses throughout time. Cannabimimetic compounds are compounds that are found in plants besides cannabis that act like cannabinoids by stimulating your Endocannabinoid system. Plants like aloe, arnica and calendula have incredible anti- inflammatory cannabimimetic compounds that stimulate your CB2 receptor, similarly to CBD. Every ingredient in our products is meant to strengthen the CBD and work with it synergistically. This makes our products more effective because every ingredient is beneficial.

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